On-Demand Webinar:
Simplify Your AUSTRAC Reporting

Learn how to simplify and streamline  your ongoing reporting obligations to ensure compliance with AUSTRAC.

Submitting your compliance reports on time, and without stress, to AUSTRAC can be challenging.

However all Australian reporting entities are required to submit reports on International Funds Transfers, Threshold Transactions and submit compliance reports to AUSTRAC or face significant penalties if this process is not followed. In our most recent releases we added features to streamline and automate reporting for IFTIs and TTRs

Watch this brief webinar with Jade ThirdEye where we'll show you how you can simplify and streamline your ongoing reporting obligations to save time, money and most importantly ensure compliance.

Join our presenters to


  • How Jade ThirdEye detects suspicious transactions
  • About our automated reporting AUSTRAC reporting capability
  • How our customers have being a part of delivering this valuable solution
  • Some tips to help you consider how you can approach automation


The presenters

Colin Dixon

Product Manager
Jade ThirdEye

Ashley Bass

Product Manager
Jade ThirdEye

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