On-demand Webinar:
Make your AML/CFT programme the one thing you DON'T need to worry about today

Learn how automation and data can help you evolve your programme for better outcomes and greater efficiency.  

Eight years beyond the introduction of the AML/CFT act, most financial reporting entities in NZ have ticked the box and have a program in place. 

The world continues to change around us, and businesses face new pressures, but your AML/CFT obligations and the importance of running a reliable, cost-effective AML/CFT program are unchanged.   

Reporting entities of all sizes and in all sectors face challenges as they grow and scale up their AML/CFT programs, at a time when it’s more important than ever to focus on business resilience, customer experience, and agility.

Now is a great time to review your program and consider how automation and valuable intelligence data can help you meet your obligations in a better way.

Join our panel of experts to learn more about the business case for reducing your risk and meeting your obligations with integrated transaction monitoring and customer screening tools 

Join our panel of experts to learn:


  • Current trends and considerations that impact your AML program  
  • The case for and the basics of automating transaction monitoring, regulatory reporting, and ongoing screening  
  • The value of structured, reliable, data for risk screening purposes 
  • Practical advice for implementing a solution to improve your approach to AML/CFT compliance  

The presenters

Colin Dixon

Product Manager
Jade ThirdEye


Colin Dixon is Senior Product Manager for Jade ThirdEye and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

He's been working on Jade ThirdEye since 2012 and has helped scores of reporting entities around the world implement and upgrade their transaction monitoring and customer screening tools and evolve their AML programs with technology. 

Richard Storey

Head of Risk Solutions Sales, Pacific


Richard Storey is based in Sydney and leads the Refinitiv Risk Solutions Sales team in the Pacific region. He joined the firm in November 2014 and is responsible for all buy-side, sell-side and Corporate client engagements for its risk data, managed services and workflow solutions offerings.  Richard joined Thomson Reuters after spending many years in structured product, private equity and consulting. His experience included the development and implementation of KYC, AML & CTF processes and policies, as well as responsibility for managing his firms’ responses to banks’ and other counterparties’ requests for KYC data.  

Martin Dilly

AML Limited


Martin is a Director of MD/AML, a specialist AML firm providing consulting and auditing services in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

He has consulted full- time as an AML specialist since June 2012.

In that time, he has assisted a wide range of entities including registered banks (local and foreign), casinos, large insurance companies, money remitters, foreign exchange traders, fund managers, and trustee companies. 


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