On-demand Webinar:
Improve Your Money Remitters AML/CFT programme With Automation

Learn how to simplify and streamline  your ongoing remitter reporting obligations to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities.

AUSTRAC, the DIA and other regulators around the globe place remittance providers, money service businesses and currency exchange houses high on their watch lists

But the cost of complying with regulations can be high, depending on the number of customers, transactions, and regulatory reports you monitor and generate annually. 

And these problems are compounded with changes in regulationscustomer behaviour, and the global environment, not to mention the challenges of scaling due to business growth. 

Regulatory obligations and risks aside, you have a critical role to play in the global fight against financial crime.  So how can you reduce your risk, do your part, and meet your obligations in a more cost- effective way?

Join our panel of experts to learn:


  • Critical steps for creating a robust AML programme  
  • Whether and how an automation could help improve your program  
  • What to look for in an automation tool  
  • Practical advice on how to approach implementation and measure outcomes if you select or upgrade an automated AML solution  


This session includes a panel discussion with 3 industry experts around the key aspects money remitters and currency exchange providers need to consider for their AML/CFT programme.


Colin Dixon

Senior Product Manager
Jade ThirdEye

Jane Quinn

Group Operations Risk & Compliance Manager
Fexco Pacific

Paddy Oliver

Managing Director 
AML Experts

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